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Odysseus Elytis: Drinking the Corinthian Sun

May 25, 2009

corinthian sun

Drinking the Corinthian sun

Deciphering the marble ruins

Striding across vineyards and seas

Taking aim with my harpoon

At an elusive votive fish

I find the living land that passion

So joyfully opens

In the leaves that are memorized

By the psalm of the sun

I drink water and cut open fruit

I plunge my hands into the wind’s flora

Citrus trees scent the summer’s day pollen

Green birds flit through my dreams

As I leave, my eyes are filled with a vista

An endless vista where – from the beginning –

The world is made beautiful once more

According to the heart’s capacity

Drinking the Corinthian Sun

by Odysseus Elytis

Translation © R J Dent (2009)

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