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Alexander Mátsas: Landscape

May 29, 2009

rock and sea

Here, in this mineral landscape

of rock, sea, sapphire and diamond

which offers nothing perishable

to the wheel of time

here in the great triumphant light

the only mark on which is your shadow

and where only your body

carries the harbinger of death

here fleetingly perhaps your idols

will vanish; perhaps once more

you may stare at your

true self in the dazzling glare

a self that is hidden by many masks

distorted by necessity and the bonds

you betray, so that everyone steals

from you using seduction or violence

your bones stripped bare, as clean

as an earthen pot, and so for a moment

your clay escapes the constant

weights of life and death


Alexander Mátsas

Translation © R J Dent (2009)

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