R J Dent’s Gothic novella, Deliverance, is a Victorian tale of maternity, infanticide and cannibalism.


Once described by an editor as ‘too horrific to publish’, Deliverance is now finally available to download as a Kindle book.

R J Dent says: ‘I wrote Deliverance after reading Stephen King’s story, ‘Survivor Type’ (in Skeleton Crew). I wondered if I could write a more horrific story. Because Deliverance was set in the Victorian era, I used some of the more well-known Gothic conventions: (gentleman’s club gathering as a frame-narrative, archaic English, travel by ship,) in an attempt to add to the atmosphere of unease. If Deliverance is a shocking, provocative, challenging horror story, then I’ve succeeded.’

Here is the link to Deliverance at Amazon:










5 Responses to “Deliverance”

  1. Andy Warholidaydreamsequence Says:

    Evil fucking bitch…. to kill your own child is sick sick sick….

  2. Anne Carter Says:

    ‘Every writer’s work (be it a novel, a short story, a play, a poem, or even an essay) is always a portrait of themselves, and the more they try to conceal themselves, the more clearly will their true character appear in spite of their efforts.’ (Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh, 1903.)

  3. Cathy Winter Says:

    This is very good – it’s a mix of Frankenstein, Alice, Tarzan, and Survivor Type all rolled into a glorious Gothic tale of infanticide and cannibalism. Loved it.

  4. Teresa Miller Says:

    This story is vile. The lead character is sick and twisted. This should not have been published.

  5. Daniel Hoxton Says:

    This is great – better than any other cannibal story I’ve read so far – and I’ve read a lot: Typee, Stranger in a Strange Land, Survivor Type, Queen of the Damned, Suddenly Last summer, etc.

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