Moonstone Silhouettes

moonstone silhouettes - r j dent

This is my latest poetry collection, entitled Moonstone Silhouettes.

In this collection, which I edited in Paris, I’ve focussed mostly on the ethereal and the mystical, although there are a few elegies for lost friends, and one or two poems in praise of major writers who have influenced me.

The landscapes that I describe range from the exotic (Ancient Greece and modern France) to the bizarre to the out-and-out surreal. The characters that I describe are often strange and other-worldly.


I’ve also included a few of my translations of poems I love: poems by Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Baudelaire, Ibycus and Sappho. There are also elegies for four great writers who are no longer with us: Jean Genet, Anna Kavan, Charles Baudelaire, and Tarjei Vesaas. Further information regarding my book-length translations of Charles Baudelaire, Alcaeus and Tarjei Vesaas is available on my website:

I’ve tried to create a poetry collection in which each poem is a door that opens into another world – hopefully a beautiful world that you can enter through the poem and which you can stay in for a while and enjoy – a world where warmth, beauty, joy, laughter, pleasure, happiness and eroticism co-exist peacefully and harmoniously.

Here’s a link to five of the poems in the collection, just to give you an idea of their style and tone:

Moonstone Silhouettes is available from my website and can be ordered by emailing my office (subject moonstone silhouettes) at

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Moonstone Silhouettes

Poems by R J Dent

© R J Dent (2009)