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Barclay James Harvest’s Everyone Is Everybody Else

March 22, 2009

One of the first albums I ever bought was Everyone Is Everybody Else by Barclay James Harvest.


I bought it as soon it came out because I had heard the track Negative Earth on a flexi-single that was given away free with Record Mirror, or Sounds, or some such music paper.

The album was – and it still is – amazing.

The opening track, Child of the Universe is serious and majestic. Negative Earth is next and it’s still a very strong, powerful song. Have a listen:

Paper Wings is next and the guitar solo is fantastic. The whole song is moody and poignant, but it’s that guitar sound that makes the song what it is. The Great 1974 Mining Disaster is next and it’s the definitive BJH sound; a great song. Crazy City is next – another powerful, poignant song with some stunning guitar.

The next three songs: See Me See You, Poor Boy Blues and Mill Boys are almost one song divided into three sections. They’re very good songs, but not my favourites. Finally it’s time for the final track: For No One – and with this final song, BJH give their all. It’s epic, it’s majestic, it’s serious, it means something – and it’s a truly great song.

Everyone Is Everybody Else is a wonderful album – it’s probably Barclay James Harvest’s best album – although Live and Live Tapes are also worth listening to.

If you get a chance, listen to Everyone Is Everybody Else by Barclay James Harvest. Then listen to Barclay James Harvest Live, and then Live Tapes. You won’t regret it. The music is incredible.