Odysseus Elytis: Drinking the Corinthian Sun

corinthian sun

Drinking the Corinthian sun

Deciphering the marble ruins

Striding across vineyards and seas

Taking aim with my harpoon

At an elusive votive fish

I find the living land that passion

So joyfully opens

In the leaves that are memorized

By the psalm of the sun

I drink water and cut open fruit

I plunge my hands into the wind’s flora

Citrus trees scent the summer’s day pollen

Green birds flit through my dreams

As I leave, my eyes are filled with a vista

An endless vista where – from the beginning –

The world is made beautiful once more

According to the heart’s capacity

Drinking the Corinthian Sun

by Odysseus Elytis

Translation © R J Dent (2009)


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