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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

July 16, 2009


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (often shortened to SAHB) was formed in 1972 by singer and musician Alex Harvey.

Alex Harvey joined forces with guitarist Zal Cleminson, bassist Chris Glen, and cousins Ted and Hugh McKenna on drums and keyboards respectively.



The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band produced a succession of highly regarded albums and tours throughout the 1970s.

Their albums included:


Framed (1972)

Framed (SAHB)

Next (1973)

Next (SAHB)


The Impossible Dream (1974)


The Impossible Dream (SAHB)

Live (1975)


Live (SAHB)

Tomorrow Belongs To Me (1975)


Tomorrow Belongs To Me (SAHB)

The Penthouse Tapes (1976)


The Penthouse Tapes (SAHB)


SAHB Stories (1976)


SAHB Stories (SAHB)

Fourplay (1977)


Fourplay (SAHB - without Alex)

Rock Drill (1978)

Rock Drill (SAHB)


SAHB albums are patchy, but each one contains four or five great tracks. Live, SAHB excelled, and – due to the charismatic and theatrical presence of frontman Harvey – their performances were always electrifying. Some of the video clips above show just how good they were live.


There is also a superb recording of SAHB Live at the BBC:












Alex Harvey died in 1982, a great loss to music. He left behind some amazing songs and performances. Here’s to the truly unique Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

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