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In R J Dent’s Library – Derek Jarman

September 27, 2013


A look in R J Dent’s library at the works (screenplays, journals, diaries, essays, stories, paintings) of author, film-maker, set designer, gardener, artist and outspoken gay rights activist – Derek Jarman.

In R J Dent’s Library – Derek Jarman

Text (c) R J Dent (2013)

Film (c) R J Dent (2013)

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Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

April 12, 2009


I’ve always liked Steve Harley’s music – right from the first time I ever heard Sebastian, Death Trip and Ritz.


Steve Harley

Steve Harley



They are his three best songs; the songs with more poetry in them than most poetry. Lots of people enjoy Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) – rightly so, after all, it is a good song, but for me, the best Harley songs are:

the autobiographical Sebastian:


followed by the anthemic Death Trip:


followed by the chilling  Ritz:


There are others: Tumbling Down, Cavaliers, etc, but the three featured here have secured Steve Harley a place in popular music’s history. They are, without doubt, very good, entertaining, meaningful, profound and thought-provoking, melodic songs. What more can one ask from music?


I hope you have enjoyed them.


(c) R J Dent (2009)