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More to the Picture by R J Dent

July 21, 2010



When he was drunk, which was often, Maxim was loud and obnoxious. When he wasn’t drunk, he was still fairly loud and obnoxious.

Normally, this would have been a severe problem, but with Maxim, it didn’t really matter because he was very good-natured and very funny. He would help anyone. He would also think up jokes and funny stories on the spot and relay them with perfect timing, sound effects, appropriate voices and wonderfully hilarious punch lines. He was good to be around.

A lot of people claimed he could have had a phenomenal career as a stand-up comic, and although this was often suggested to him, Maxim always self-deprecatingly turned the idea down flat – as though the suggestion was meant for someone else, not for him. Read more…


R J Dent says: ‘More to the Picture is an urban horror story I have written. First published in Writer’s MuseMore to the Picture is based on real people and a series of real events, although the names of those people have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.’

More to the Picture (2554 words)

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