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The Six Letters of King Henry VIII by R J Dent

March 19, 2009




Dear Find-A-Wife Dating Agency

It is with the utmost regret that I write to inform you that Catherine (that horribly rude, obnoxious and arrogant woman you fixed me up with) was not my type at all. Consequently, I have now divorced her on the grounds that she was unable to give me the son and heir I so desperately need – especially if my Royal line is to continue.

Incidentally, I think that if you take a very close look at your records, you’ll probably find that Catherine was once married to my now dead elder brother. She did actually infer as much with her constant references to “King Dick” as she so quaintly called him, even though he never was a King and his name was Arthur, not Richard. Such though, are the eternally mysterious ways of women. What strange creatures they are. Read more…

R J Dent says: ‘I wrote The Six Letters of Henry VIII in response to a radio story I once heard about Cathy writing to Heathcliff in America. Once I  came up with the idea of Henry VIII writing to a wife-finding/dating agency, the story pretty much wrote itself.’

The Six Letters of King Henry VIII

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