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Frog Rain

November 7, 2008


by R J Dent

Yesterday, thousands of frogs fell out of the sky
and landed on the town’s roofs and roads with loud splatters.
Some heard this noisy avalanche as soft delicate patters,
but no one knew what had caused the frog rain, or why

it had fallen that day. The frogs themselves were tiny
little creatures; yellow-brown, diamond-backed
things that looked like mottled, camouflaged, black-
striped lapel badges for a secret military organisation. Their shiny

eyes were emerald, sapphire. They looked other-worldly and although
many leading experts said that such frogs were common in all
sorts of places dotted around the globe, naturally they all stalled
when it came to saying exactly where. And this we know

from past experience: There are a great many strange
and mysterious things which occur on Earth, things
we’ll never have satisfactory explanations for. In spring,
it’s predicted that the colour of each frog will change.

Frog Rain
© R J Dent (2008)