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In R J Dent’s Library – Rupert Thomson

October 5, 2013

A look in R J Dent’s library at the works of a unique and talented author – Rupert Thomson.

In R J Dent’s Library – Rupert Thomson

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Rupert Thomson

January 2, 2010

Rupert Thomson (born 1955) is an English novelist who has published ten novels and a memoir to date.

         Rupert Thomson

Rupert Thomson was born in Eastbourne, on the south coast of England in 1955. He was educated at Christ’s Hospital School and Cambridge University.

After working as a copywriter in London, he moved to Italy in 1982, and then lived for a while in Barcelona. He currently resides in London.

His novels are:

Dreams of Leaving (1987)


The Five Gates of Hell (1991)


Air & Fire (1993)


The Insult (1996)

Soft! (1998)


The Book of Revelation (1999)


Divided Kingdom (2005)


Death of a Murderer (2007)


This Party’s Got to Stop (2010) – a memoir.


Secrecy (2013)

Katherine Carlyle (2015)



Rupert Thomson’s novels are complex, unpredictable, multi-layered and disconcerting. The best five, in no particular order are: Katherine Carlyle, The Book of Revelation, Divided Kingdom, Soft! and Dreams of Leaving. The others are very good, and definitely worth reading.

The Book of Revelation has been made into a film. Here’s a trailer:

Follow this link

for more information on the film.

Try reading one of Rupert Thomson’s novels. They’re not comfortable reads, but you won’t be disappointed. Rupert Thomson’s books can be found at: