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For Heart’s Sake by R J Dent

March 19, 2009


For Heart's Sake by R J Dent

      For Heart’s Sake by R J Dent


 A torch beam shone out of the darkness into my eyes.

     I’d been asleep and had been woken up by a noise from my kitchen. Thinking it was Mitzi coming back from one of her nocturnal excursions, hungry, thirsty and tired, I got up to welcome her home by giving her a bowl of her favourite food and a saucer of milk. I slipped my dressing gown on and went out onto the landing. I switched the light on and looked at my watch. Three-eighteen. I made my way down the stairs and entered the kitchen, flicking the light switch and filling the kitchen with the harsh glare of the fluorescent tube.

     I looked around, but there was no sign of Mitzi.

     She’s gone into the living room, I told myself. She’s in my armchair, curled up, probably already nodding off. I decided to leave her and go back to bed. I turned the kitchen light off and walked to the foot of the stairs. There was a sudden noise from my living room, the air movement too big to be Mitzi and I froze, my heart pumping wildly. Read more…


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R J Dent says: ‘For Heart’s Sake is a short story about an art thief and his victim. The story’s major theme is integrity. The conflict is between two art critics – one who lives by – and acts on – his principles, and one who doesn’t. It was inspired by a scene from The Fountainhead, where Howard Roark and Peter Keating discuss architecture. I enjoyed writing For Heart’s Sake – I hope you enjoy reading it.’



For Heart’s Sake

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