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Towards the Finish Line by R J Dent

July 31, 2011


Towards the Finish Line by R J Dent

Towards the Finish Line by R J Dent


I am in the driver’s seat of my brand new Metaphor 2015.

          It is a gleaming, streamlined creation, fresh from the manufacturer. It has been fitted with a variety of meanings. The powerful engine is turning over steadily, promising undreamed of power.

          The official waves the chequered flag.

          I put the Metaphor into Narrative Drive and press my foot down, accelerating forward fast.

          Utilising some of the Metaphor’s state-of-the-art functions, I quickly pass a slow-moving Simile, cutting it up like a wire through cheese, then find myself – for a few seconds only – neck and neck with a Cliché which had – against all the odds – been last year’s unlikely winner. Then I pull ahead. Read more…


R J Dent says: ‘Towards the Finish Line is a short literary experiment – although hopefully it is an entertaining story too.’

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Towards the Finish Line

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