Stating The Obvious

rjdent !A country’s government is an elected body of administrators, voted into place for a pre-agreed term of office. The function of a government is to oversee the improvement of that country by the provision of necessary services to every member of that particular country.

An elected government of a country has one specific duty: to provide a range of necessary, life-enhancing, life-improving services to each and every person of that country’s population, without exclusion.

These services include the protection, the safety, and the well-being of the entire population. These ends are brought about by fair, efficient and effective systems of: economy (investment and taxation), education, health and care, housing, energy, employment, justice and law, rights and representation, arts endowments, transportation, defence and protection, emergency services, urban regeneration and rural conservation.

These services are to be administered and run efficiently by appointed ministers who are either experienced or trained subject-specific experts, so as to benefit the entire population of that country.

The elected government’s job is to implement those services, and to build upon and/or improve on, any pre-existing services.

The temporarily-elected chief executive of the government is the coordinator of all of those service departments of that country. He or she is the person who appoints the experienced or trained subject-specific experts as ministers. The title of this temporarily-elected chief executive of services is Prime Minister, President, Premier, Minister, or another publicly-agreed title.


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