Last Orders by R J Dent





Arlington had been in Eddie’s Bar for an hour and still couldn’t work out who his hit was.

          There were four contenders: the barman; a long-haired arty type who looked a bit like the actor Scott Glenn; a small, plump accountant type with round rimmed gold glasses; and a tall, cropped-haired, bearded man who – due to his khaki shirt – looked like a sixties political activist.

          Nursing his whisky and ginger, Arlington surveyed the rest of the patrons, wondering if he’d missed anyone significant. After a quick, but thorough sweep, he was convinced that everyone else in Eddie’s was exactly what he or she appeared to be – Thursday night drinkers and daters and company-hunters. Read more…



lo rjd


Last Orders

Copyright © R J Dent (2016)


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