My Father’s Garden: Carpet by R J Dent


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1: Carpet

My father had a piece of carpet he wanted to put on the rectangular patch of ground by the shed – the patch of ground which eventually became the site of the greenhouse. It was an old grey piece of carpet – a bit frayed at the edges, a bit worn, a bit stained. It had once been the living room carpet. Now it was to serve a new purpose, which my father explained to me.

      – If we lay the carpet on the ground, it’ll stop the grass and weeds growing… and it’ll make the ground soft.

       I nodded.

      – And that’s all we really need for the base, he said, some nice soft soil and no grass or weeds.

      And so he carried the roll of carpet out of the house and placed it next to the rectangle of ground he’d pegged and stringed. Carefully, he unrolled the carpet and stretched it out until it totally covered the rectangle of ground. My father then placed a brick on each corner.

      – That’ll keep the little blighters out, he said. Read more…




by R J Dent

Copyright © R J Dent (2014)


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