Between the Frames by R J Dent


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Once the cartoon was over, Edgar, the albino projectionist, paused the projector and turned the house lights up. Far below, in the darkened cinema, the audience began to file noisily out of the auditorium.

          Edgar waited impatiently for the room to empty before finishing his work. He reversed the projector’s ratchet, then pressed the blue button. The film began to rewind onto the huge spool.

          As the machine whirred, Edgar placed the other film reels shown that evening into cases and the cases into the rack. He slipped covers over machines, then checked that the room was tidy enough for the next day. It was.

          Edgar was in a hurry because he had a date with Emily Watson – the waitress from the Laguna restaurant – and tonight looked as though their relationship might develop into something more than the kissing and touching bouts that it consisted of at present. Read more…


R J Dent says: ‘I wrote Between the Frames because I wanted to look at different notions of image, identity and perception; these are themes that have become increasingly important due to the surveillance/CCTV era we now live in. I also wanted to try and write a surreal story that was grounded in, but which challenged, notions of what we think and what we see, contrasted with how we think we are perceived.’


Between the Frames

Copyright © R J Dent (2005 & 2016)


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