The Purple Butterfly by R J Dent



The whole class looked at the diagram drawn on the board.

          “Do you recognise it?” Mr Knott asked.

          A few hands shot up. A few stragglers followed.

          “Yes, Katrina?”

          At the mention of a name, the other hands went down, ready to spring up again should Katrina answer such an easy question wrongly.

          “It’s a butterfly, sir,” said Katrina.

          “Yes, it is. Well done.” From behind his desk, Mr Knott helped the class make the connection with the previous lesson.

          “How many of you remembered to bring your butterfly-catching equipment with you?”

          About two thirds of the class put their hands up. It was approximately the number Mr Knott had expected – and had prepared for.

          “The reason I asked is because it’s a beautiful day and I think we should all go out and try to find some butterflies, don’t you?”

          There was a chorus of unrestrained approval. At the back of the classroom, Marvin and his four cronies – Ralph, John, Nigel and Nabil – exchanged glances. Going outside meant an easy lesson. Going outside meant no work. Going outside meant a crafty cigarette. Going outside meant Read more…

The Purple Butterfly by R J Dent

R J Dent says: ‘I was very surprised, but very pleased, when The Purple Butterfly was published for being a shortlisted story in the Writer’s Muse short story competition. I wrote it because I wanted to try and say something about creativity, and about writing poetry in particular. Sometimes writing a poem feels like breaking through rock.’

The Purple Butterfly (2520 words)

Copyright © R J Dent (2007 & 2016)

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