Georgios Themelis: The Naked Window


I’ve often thought of leaving this house of the dead;

of simply going and living upon the sea,

for shadows and forgotten voices reside here;

misshapen dolls that ascend and descend the stairs.

The naked window opens out onto the night;

the panes have all fallen – bits of glass in the dust.

I remain here, struggling to find my shadow;

a ragged remnant of an old forgotten sun.

The Naked Window

by Georgios Themelis (1900-1976)

Translation © R J Dent (2009)


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2 Responses to “Georgios Themelis: The Naked Window”

  1. Amy Tanner Says:

    Hi. Good post. I have been looking for English versions of this poet’s work, so thanks for translating this poem. I will certainly be checking to see if you translate any more Greek poetry.

  2. Tania Allen Says:

    This is a lovely translation of a very beautiful poem. You should translate more Greek poems, R.J. Dent.

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