Ramsey Campbell


Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell




Ramsey Campbell is one of the world’s greatest horror fiction writers.

Over the years he has written some truly scary stories.


His scariest novels are The Face That Must Die; Ancient Images; The Grin of the Dark; The Doll Who Ate His Mother; Midnight Sun and Hungry Moon.












His best story collections are Dark Feasts; Scared Stiff; Told by the Dead and Demons by Daylight.















If you’re unfamiliar with Ramsey Campbell’s work, then Ancient Images is probably the best novel to start with, and Scared Stiff is probably the best story collection to start with.


Here’s a partial bibliography:




The Doll Who Ate His Mother (1976) (Revised text: 1985)

The Bride of Frankenstein (1977) (novelisation of the 1935 film, written as Carl Dreadstone)

Dracula’s Daughter (1977) (novelisation of the 1936 film, written as Carl Dreadstone)

The Wolf Man (1977) (novelisation of the 1941 film, written as Carl Dreadstone)

The Face That Must Die (1979) (Restored text: 1983)

To Wake the Dead (published in the UK as The Parasite) (1980)

(The Nameless (1981)

The Claw (1983) (written as Jay Ramsay)

Incarnate (1983)

Obsession (1985)

The Hungry Moon (1986)

The Influence (1988)

Ancient Images (1989)

Midnight Sun (1990)

Needing Ghosts (1990)

The Count of Eleven (1991)

The Long Lost (1993)

The One Safe Place (1995)

Nazareth Hill (AKA The House on Nazareth Hill (1996)

The Last Voice They Hear (1998)

Silent Children (2000)

Pact of the Fathers (2001)

The Darkest Part of the Woods (2003)

The Overnight (2004)

Secret Story (2005) (AKA Secret Stories)

The Grin of the Dark (2007)

Thieving Fear (2008)

Creatures of the Pool (2009)













Short Story Collections


The Inhabitant of the Lake (1964, as J. Ramsey Campbell)

Demons by Daylight (1973)

The Height of the Scream (1976)

Dark Companions (1982)

Cold Print (1985; expanded edition 1993)

Dark Feasts: The World of Ramsey Campbell (1987)

Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death (1987)

Waking Nightmares (1991)

Alone with the Horrors (1993)

Strange Things and Stranger Places (1993)

Ghosts and Grisly Things (1998)

Told by the Dead (2003)

Inconsequential Tales (2008)

Just Behind You (2009)















Ramsey Campbell, Probably (2002)


In the world of horror fiction, where a lot of books seem very similar in terms of plot, themes, style and (no pun intended) execution, Ramsey Campbell tells original stories in an inventive way using a unique style.


He’s worth checking out. Try one of the above books. You never know, you might enjoy being scared senseless…











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One Response to “Ramsey Campbell”

  1. Lara Tompkin Says:

    I love Ramsey Campbell’s short stories and novels. He’s a unique talent and an original voice in horror writing.

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