Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel


I’ve always liked Steve Harley’s music – right from the first time I ever heard Sebastian, Death Trip and Ritz.


Steve Harley

Steve Harley



They are his three best songs; the songs with more poetry in them than most poetry. Lots of people enjoy Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) – rightly so, after all, it is a good song, but for me, the best Harley songs are:

the autobiographical Sebastian:


followed by the anthemic Death Trip:


followed by the chilling  Ritz:


There are others: Tumbling Down, Cavaliers, etc, but the three featured here have secured Steve Harley a place in popular music’s history. They are, without doubt, very good, entertaining, meaningful, profound and thought-provoking, melodic songs. What more can one ask from music?


I hope you have enjoyed them.


(c) R J Dent (2009)



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2 Responses to “Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel”

  1. thewiccaman Says:

    Glad to find another Harley fan. Met him once a few years back when he was performing where I live. My ex had written to him and he wrote a personal letter back inviting us to meet him before the concert. He had just completed his English ‘A’ level and we chatted about literature, music and such. very nice guy.

    We used to go to most of his concerts and my daughter was a particular favourite of the band when she was little: Robbie Gladwell would come & look for us and take her off to meet the band before the concerts. She was only a toddler at the time so I don’t think she really appreciated Steve & the music at that age!

  2. kat Haeber Says:

    I completely agree… Those 3 songs are particular favorites of myself as well. I discovered Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel when a friend from Japan, handed me a tape of his music. Being from the east coast in the US, I unfortunately never had the opportunity of hearing his voice till then… I was floored! I listened to Sebastian and cried. It is such a beautiful song, and the vocals… WOW, totally amazing voice!!!

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