On The Bus by R J Dent


The 26-seater Ballard High School bus trundled north along Route 85.

      Although none of the twenty-one occupants knew it – not the nineteen Year Ten Media students, not Mister Roger Loydell, their Form teacher and teacher of English and Media Studies at Ballard, and certainly not Miss Cassie Arbogast, the Media Studies teacher who’d arranged the visit to the Mount Squires Recording Studio, just as she did every year, and who was driving the bus – one of them was about to have a stroke. Read more…


R J Dent says: ‘The story, On the Bus, is set in Western Australia and deals with a disaster that occurs during a school trip to a recording studio. My intention was to write a story about the conflict between freedom and responsibility, and how too much responsibility can corrupt. I enjoyed writing On the Bus very much. It was based on a semi-real event.’



On The Bus

Copyright © R J Dent (2009 & 2016)


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