Yellow Bandana – A Jimi Hendrix Story by R J Dent



This is a Jimi story you’ve never heard. It’s never been told until now.

          I know it’s what everyone who says they knew him claims, but this time it’s true. It’s true because no one else knows it. And it’s only being told to you now because at last I know all of the pieces to it, whereas a month ago I didn’t.

          Here it is.

          During his ascendance to the throne of king of mighty rock music, and throughout his subsequent reign of musical power, Jimi owned a yellow bandana. Sometimes he wore it around his head or his neck, sometimes he tied it around his thigh, and sometimes he used it to polish his guitar. To this day, not many people – other than those who were a part of his entourage knew or know this fact, but it is so. Read more…


Jimi Hendrix

R J Dent says: ‘As the title suggests, the story is about the Yellow Bandana Jimi Hendrix owned – a bandana that was given to him by his Cherokee grandmother. Other than that aspect of the story, the rest of Yellow Bandana is pure fiction.’


Yellow Bandana

Copyright © R J Dent (2008 & 2016)

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2 Responses to “Yellow Bandana – A Jimi Hendrix Story by R J Dent”

  1. Kim Lipton Says:

    Neat story. I like stories about rock stars and this is a good ‘un. Are you thinking of writing more like this?

  2. kay norman Says:

    He came to earth, reinvented the electric guitar, then died in a pool of his own vomit. We sure know how to treat talented aliens…

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