Bill Hicks (1961–1994) – stand-up comedian


Bill Hicks was the funniest and profoundest stand-up comedian ever.

Since his death on February 26th, 1994, there has been no other comedian to rival his incisive wit, his cutting, analytical insights and his incredibly funny delivery. He was compared to Lenny Bruce, mostly because his material seriously challenged accepted conventions and mores. He wasn’t really like Bruce at all; Hicks was original and unique.

Several of his live performances are available on DVD. The best one is Revelations, followed by Relentless and One Night Stand.

Here is an edited version of One Night Stand, which will give an indication of Hicks’ stand-up style:


If you want to listen to a CD performance, then the best one is probably Philosophy: The Best of Bill Hicks, because it does actually contain the best material from several CDs.


Dangerous (1990)

Relentless (1992)

Arizona Bay (1997)

Rant in E-Minor (1997)

Philosophy: The Best of Bill Hicks (2001)

Love, Laughter and Truth (2002)

Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 (2002)

Shock and Awe (2003)

Salvation (2005)


Sane Man (2005)

One Night Stand (2002)

Relentless (2006)

Revelations (1993)

Totally Bill Hicks (UK Only) (2002)

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer and his untimely death left a void in the comedy world that no one else has ever been able to fill.

There is a new Bill Hicks documentary, American: The Bill Hicks Story, out now. Here’s the official trailer:

If you’re not familiar with Bill Hicks, then check him out. He’s funny and profound – a winning combination.

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One Response to “Bill Hicks (1961–1994) – stand-up comedian”

  1. Fred Barnes Says:

    Geez. This guy’s just about the most jacked-up so-called comic I’ve ever heard. He’s not funny, not profound, not anything of value. Just a foul-mouthed ranter. Who cares?

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