Russell Brand: self-obsessed introverted extrovert?


Russell Brand

He’s a comedian/ actor/ TV and radio presenter-host/ author/ columnist, and he’s one of England’s funniest men. He is, of course, Russell Brand.

Here he is performing a Tamara Beckwith routine on his live DVD:

and an Ian Huntley/Sun newspaper routine at The Secret Policeman’s Ball . He was – and is – hilarious.

Since then I’ve watched his stand-up (live and on DVD); I’ve watched all available episodes of RE-Brand; I’ve also watched (and loved both series of) Ponderland; and I’ve read My Booky Wook and Articles of Faith – and I’ve just finished reading Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal.

I enjoyed St. Trinians (a little). Here’s the trailer:

I enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a lot). Here’s the trailer:

and Bedtime Stories (a little). Here’s the trailer:

and I’m looking forward to him playing Arthur in Arthur. Here’s the Arthur trailer:

and to him playing Trinculo in Julie Taymar’s version of The Tempest. (Note for trivialists – in the BBC version of The Tempest, Trinculo was played by Andrew Sachs). Here’s the trailer to The Tempest:

 I’m also looking forward to Hop. Here’s a Hop promo trailer:



And here’s the trailer for Get Him to the Greek (a sequel of sorts to Forgetting Sarah Marshall):

He’s recently been in (with Alec Baldwin) the film version of Rock of Ages:

He also voiced Dr Nefario in Despicable Me:

I’ve watched everything he’s in on Youtube; and I’ve listened to him on TalkSport, and to every podcast of his Radio 2 Russell Brand Show (Saturday 21-23.00), a show I enjoyed very much.

Here are the podcasts:

What I like about Brand is his intelligence, his wit, his use of language to make valid points about us and our world, his (former) use of a camp persona as a strategy to seduce women, and his unflinching use of his own (often painful) experiences for his comedy.

Many don’t care about his seedy past; hopefully he does. He must realize that the moment he stopped the drugs/alcohol, his career sky-rocketed and he became world-famous.

His acting/film career is blossoming; hosting the controversial (2008) and relatively incident-free (2009) MTV VMAs raised his profile; his television career in the US and the UK is going from strength to strength; he’s just signed a very lucrative book deal; the podcasts of his TalkSport radio show attract million of listeners, as do his BBC radio show podcasts; his newspaper football column is popular and widely read; his stand-up shows sell out – not bad for someone who could be described as a self-obsessed introverted extrovert from Essex.

As Russell Brand thrives on controversy, it looks as though he is going to have a long and successful career – and as long as he stays funny, I’ll continue watching him and listening to him.

Here’s a clip from the 2009 DVD Russell Brand in New York. It’s a perfect example of Russell Brand’s intelligence at work, particularly towards the end of the clip (at 6.20) where Brand makes a reference to Michel Foucault’s refutation of the ‘repressive hypothesis’; a theory Brand uses in relation to the media image of the Jonas Brothers.

And here’s Russell Brand being interviewed (in 2010) by Jeremy Paxman:




And here’s Russell Brand offering his thoughts on politics after guest-editing The New Statesman in 2013. Here he talks again to Jeremy Paxman:


It seems that there’s more to Russell Brand than just being a clown.



Russell Brand: self-obsessed introverted extrovert?

Text © R J Dent (2014)



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12 Responses to “Russell Brand: self-obsessed introverted extrovert?”

  1. Louise Says:

    I’m a fan too. I’ve seen him on stage twice and he really does cut it as a live performer. He’s a consummate professional in all that he does……..and he looks great as well. His DVDs have cheered me through many a bad patch.

  2. R J Dent Says:

    Louise -You’re right, RB is very very good live – he’s also very clever – which is why I think a lot of people (men in particular) don’t like him. I’m glad his DVDs have helped… RB would be pleased. Thanks for your comment. Regards – RJD.

  3. vic Says:

    Great post! I’ll link this to other blogs – keep up the good work!

  4. M Ballantyne Says:

    Hello. Great info on Brand. Good selection of videos too. Thanks!

  5. jessica Says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE russell brand.
    read all his books. want to see him on stage ! (:

  6. Kelly Hampstead Says:

    Great info on RB. He’s a great comedian. Good videos too.

  7. Barry Zane Says:

    This so-called comedian is an absolute dick. There’s nothing remotely funny about him. He can’t do comedy! Humor is alien to him. I don’t understand how he’s managed to fool so many people!

  8. Kerry Block Says:

    In answer to the previous ‘comment’ – Russell Brand is NOT a dick – he’s a very funny man, with a successful film, television, radio, and literary career. He’s a Hollywood A-Lister and will soon be married to the very attractive Katy Perry. He’s achieved all of this through a mixture of talent, hard work and charisma. What have you done that’s anywhere near as good, you dick?

  9. Craig Russell Says:

    wow, nice post about RB. It’s about time there was some background info on this guy. I hear he’s a Shakespearean actor too. No end to the man’s talent.

  10. Paul Carnes Says:

    Whoa – Russell Brand a ‘dick’??? Who the fuck are you, Zane, you loser? You obviously don’t know the difference between a comedic genius and your own lack-of-talent personality. Russell Brand rules comedy.

  11. julieb Says:

    This guy is an asshole. It makes me sick that i have to live like a refugee, always struggling EVERY month, just to pay rent. No life outside of my crummy job, because i can’t afford to have any fun. And yet this no talent gets to live in palatial homes. I really want to throw up. Katy Perry, you and this jerk-off are made for each other.

  12. julieb Says:

    P.S. Katy, as long as your chic tribeca townhouse has a tub, may i make a suggestion.
    For the love of God, give Russell a bath; he always looks like an unmade bed.
    How you could sleep with him? It makes me question your sanity.
    Save your money.
    Your career won’t last.

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